7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Company’s Creativity

Is your company in a creative rut? While the ways we can expand our business’ creativity can seem unlimited, certain methods are worth considering. They include:

1. Determine the company’s most creative employees

You can take various steps to determine quantitatively who the most creative employees in your company are. Afterwards, you could provide them with special projects, give them supervisory positions, and so on. It’s critical that companies maximize the potential of their employees, and one way is through using workers’ fortes, such as creativity.

2. Network within the industry

This idea might seem odd at first—competitors in your industry won’t give away their trade secrets, right? While they probably won’t be willing to do that, companies would likely be willing to share general creative ideas they’ve implemented in their business model. When several companies in an industry share such information, ultimately all companies benefit from the approach.

3. Define the company’s vision

Part of the creative process is for the creativity to have a goal. Clearly defining the company’s vision is a crucial step to achieve that goal. The company should have a clearly defined mission statement. Ultimately, employee’s creativity should center on taking steps to achieve that goal. This is critical in encouraging and justifying creativity in a company.

4. Give employees “reflection time”

It’s important that workers have a place in the workplace to go where they can clear their minds, get away from the everyday demands and stresses, and focus on new ideas. This reflection time is definitely one of the best ways to maximize employees’ creativity. Sometimes it’s just the “interference” of modern life that prevents us from reaching our potential creativity-wise.

5. Get ideas from customers

The customer should indeed always be right, and this is yet another way. Sometimes it simply takes a third party’s perspective to create new and exciting ideas for your business. Have your customers make suggestions they have along these lines, and submit drawings and prototypes to make their ideas more concrete.

6. Create workspaces that are creatively friend

Different workers prefer different environments that help them to think creatively. Some prefer messy workstations while others prefer tidy ones. Music and books are other items that can help to encourage creativity. What’s important is that you workers have some leeway about their workstations, which will translate into a more creative workplace.

7. Hire creative people

While companies should never stop considering applicants’ skills and experience background, they also should consider how potentially creative a person would be. You can even create a quotient that will help to make such evaluations more quantitative.

Ultimately, hiring creative people is an investment in your company that’s arguably worthwhile. It’s a small investment that could pay off big time in terms of your company’s profits.

Creativity is critical for a company to stay focused, innovative, and ultimately—progressive. The above-mentioned tips will help to achieve that goal. Sometimes reinventing the wheel is exactly what it takes for a company to move forward.

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