Dentures of Senior Citizens: Things to Remember

Dentures of Senior Citizens: Things to Remember

The Right Way to Store Your Dentures:

It is important to properly store dentures, otherwise, they may get deformed. At the recommendation of dentists for the first time (about two weeks), the prosthesis should be worn constantly, with occasional removal as necessary. Then it is essential to remove the denture for at least 6 hours, due to the fact that the tissues of the prosthetic bed need regular rest. The environment in which dentures must be in order to avoid deformation should be damp. To do this, remove the denture for the night, place it in water or a special solution for soaking the dentures (purchase in a pharmacy). If there is chlorine-containing water, then it is not worth placing prostheses with metal elements into it, since the metal parts of the structure may darken. Important: Never forget that dentures are deformed for two reasons: due to drying, and also because you put them in too hot water. The prosthesis will no longer fit your gums, it will be painful and uncomfortable when you wear it or when you eat.

How to whiten your dentures? Dental constructions darken due to plaque and tartar, so careful care of dentures is necessary. In this case, they need whitening. Due to their high abrasiveness, whitening toothpaste can damage the prosthesis, since its surface is less hard than tooth enamel and therefore more prone to abrasion and scratching. The best means for whitening dentures are effervescent tablets. The most common tablets for dentures:


They’re able to clean dentures from traces of coffee and tea. Constant use is possible, as there are no abrasive particles in its composition.


Advantages of this drug: the composition contains active oxygen, which kills harmful bacteria in hard-to-reach areas, and also it does not change the color of the structure itself.


Advantages: When cleaning a denture, it removes bacteria on its surface, so the likelihood of dark deposits and plaque is reduced. The drug has a refreshing effect, thereby actively combating an unpleasant odor.

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