Prioritize on Sleep and Invest in Sleep

Prioritize on Sleep and Invest in Sleep

For those seniors who were so active during their time when they were still employed, having them sleep a lot is like telling them to be lazy. You will also agree with me on the fact that if you have been used to waking up early, it becomes very difficult to oversleep. For the first few months after your retirement, you will find yourself waking up very early in the morning. However, it is very important to consider spending more of your time through sleep. Just as sleep is very important for a baby, sleep is also very important for a senior as well. Here are a number things you need to do so as to sleep well and heavily.

Set your room in such a way that it is cool and quit

You will agree with me that trying to get a sleep in either a cold or too hot room might be a difficult thing. With that idea, you need to make sure that you set or create a special room where you will get a good sleep. A cool room is that which the temperature is slightly above the normally human body temperature. If the human body temperature is 37 degree Celsius, you need to set your room either at 38 or 39. This is a good temperature but you need to have an automatic fan so that it can adjust accordingly. With that, your sleep will be a good one.

To avoid frequent wake ups, do a lot of physical activities

It is very important to look for ways in which to make sure that it will send you to a heavy sleep. You will agree with me that whenever you do things physically, tiredness will be the order of the day. If that is the solution to lack of sleep, it is very crucial, therefore, to make sure that you do things with your hands and not machines. This will make you fit and even tired for the day.

Make a very comfortable bedroom for yourself

The main source of sleep for seniors is a comfortable bedroom. A comfortable bedroom is that which helps your mind concentrate on sleeping and nothing else. A good mattress is the best thing that could give you a very nice sleep. In fact there are high chances of sleeping for more than ten hours if you sleep in a good mattress.