What makes the Ford Fusion a great car for business?

What makes a good car? What makes a good car for business? Is there a difference? Looking for a personal vehicle isn’t much different than looking for a business vehicle. In both cases, you want dependability, appropriate cost, safety, and in this day and age, good fuel economy.

Though this about where it stops for businesses. The bottom line is the bottom line. However, isn’t it possible that you can meet the bottom line in more ways than the initial cost of the car? Isn’t it possible that you can have everything listed above, and then some? Enter the Ford Focus. The stylish, luxurious, relatively inexpensive mid-size sedan that could possibly be the best care for a business.

The Ford Fusion was first introduced in 2006 as a new, sleeker sedan. In this introductory year, it took the second place title of Car and Driver’s top-selling mid-size car. It continued to improve in quality and in 2010 was given the award for Motor Trend Car of the Year. The car has maintained its status as one of the top 10 best-selling cars and has received more awards and acknowledgements.

Now that we have a little backstory on the car, let’s get down to business. Let’s look at the 2015 Fusion. This car has the look and feel of a high-end luxury vehicle, with plenty of technology and safety features to accompany. The luxury aspect of the car makes it a good use as a non-monetary compensation/benefit. More money can be saved in the long run by choosing a company vehicle instead of an increase in wages. Simultaneously, an employee may actually have a greater satisfaction of this kind of compensation, than if just a plain rental car vehicle were offered.

Fusions make good fleet vehicles. The cost may be slightly higher than if you were to go with the Ford Focus, but if you are planning on having a turnover of these vehicles after, say, 5 years you are more likely to receive a better value trade in. Also, dealers tend to help out companies buying multiple vehicles, and especially those which future business is nearly guaranteed. It is also beneficial to buy a year older model than the most recent out, which doesn’t necessarily mean used or lower quality.

Another aspect of the Fusion that’s great for business is that it’s safe. The 2015 model was the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick. This came from the numerous safety features it has. With a backup camera, blind-spot detection, and forward collision warning system, your employees will be better taken care of. This is good for the safety of your workers, as well as the safety of your company’s insurance rate.

Overall, the Ford Fusion is a great vehicle. Yes, its market acceptance was greater in the retail field rather than fleet, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t the best choice for a company car. Its appeal to those seeking the compensation of a company vehicle, to its safety features, to its overall economic savings for a business, the Ford Fusion is definitely a smart investment. We are waiting for the 2017 ford fusion

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